Desolation on the way to Denver, CO. photo: GREENMONT

I arrived in Denver, Colorado yesterday with some time before the gig to catch up with old friends. That is my favorite part of touring, seeing people I haven't seen in years. I was quickly off to the venue though to meet up with my stage mates for the night McKail Seely and Dylan Dunlap.

Welcome to Colorado. photo: GREENMONT

It is always nerve wracking meeting new musicians, especially ones as talented as Dylan and Mckail. But another skill we musicians have is our ability to make new friends. Within 5 minutes it was like we had known each other for years!

The awesome performance area at Tony P's 17th Ave in Denver, CO. photo: GREENMONT

Tony P's 17th Ave took such good care of us and we had so much fun. It is nights like these that I realize I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. 

Mid set. photo: Tim Toda

Tonight (6/8) we are in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the Paramount Cafe, then Mckail heads back to SLC and Dylan heads off to finish his US tour, and I head to Crescent Moon Cafe in Lincoln, NE. It is such a pleasure to do these two shows with them and if you havn't heard them, check 'em out on Spotify and follow them on all the socials.

McKail Seely Spotify

Dylan Dunlap Spotify

Mid set again. photo: Tim Toda