GREENMONT is the moniker of Jamaica, Vermont raised and Salt Lake City, Utah based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jamie Bischof. Greenmont has spent the last few years playing countless shows and has proven to be a unique but familiar player in the American Alternative Rock band scene. Blending elements of Pop, Punk, Indie, and more, the ever-expanding live line-up creates a genre bending set that is just a little different every time.

2014 saw such note-able gigs as Wanderlust Music and Yoga Festival in Stratton, Vermont as well as The University of Utah’s Lunchbox Concert Series in Salt Lake City, UT. 2015 brought the opportunity to perform at Salt Lake City’s premiere venue, The Depot, for the Outdoor Retailer After Party. In 2016, Greenmont embarked on a multi-state tour across 6 Rocky Mountain States, opening for California musicians McKail Seely (Solo, Luci) and Dylan Dunlap. Having recently gone through college recruiting while studying Finance at the University of Utah, Jamie turned down a job offer from Goldman Sachs to take on the eight city Rocky Mountain Tour dubbed, The Get To Know Ya Tour. It was this road trip that sparked a true passion for touring and traveling, and ignited the fire to chase that feeling.

2018 brought the opportunity to support Neon Indian during November’s Shredfrest in Salt Lake City, UT. Early 2019 brought along the opportunity to open for founding The Used member Quinn Allman’s new project, VadaWave.

Fast forward to mid 2019, with 100s of shows played across the country and a collection of tried and tested original music, Greenmont headed out on a full US tour in early June.